Infrared Reflow Oven T-962C
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Infrared Reflow Oven T-962C
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1Description of products   

    INFRARED IC HEATER T962A works automatically by micro-computer control. Can satisfy a dissimilarity SMDBAG Soldering a request. Whole soldering process to complete automatically, easy to use, Adoption fast infrared radiation and circulation the wind for heat, so the temperature is very Accurate and even.

   The faintness controls a technique and Can see the drawer type work bench , Make whole soldering process at you of the under surveillance automatic completed; Can soldering the most smart small part.

   Adopted a high and dependable design, make what you use gratifying and rest assured.

2. Products features

(1). Have big infrared soldering max area:

Soldering area to reach effectively :400x600mm, Increase the usage scope of this machine consumedly, economical investment.

(2) Many temperature wave choice for you.

Memory eight kinds of temperature parameter waves can be provided as choice, and establish to move heating and cool off function compulsory;Whole soldering process to complete automatically, easy to use.

(3) Special heat up and temperature equalization with all design.

Output the power reaches to a 2900 W, Adoption fast infrared radiation and circulation the wind for heat,so the temperature is very Accurate and even, Whole soldering process to complete automatically for you choice temperature parameter waves.

(4). Humanized science and technology exquisite article.

Firm of external appearance, can see of operation, amity of person machine operation interface, the perfect temperature wave project, from start to eventually body science and technology now is originally;

The agile physical volume and weight, let you economize a great deal of money, the set noodles type places mode, can let you own larger space; Simple operating instructions, let you a see can use.

(5) Perfect function choice.

Return soldering, drying, heat preservation, finalize the design, fast cool off etc.can use  Can soldering the most smart small part  example CHIPSOPPLCCQFPBGA etc; Can used to the gum of the product solid turn, the circuit board is hot aging, the PCB plank maintains to wait various works.Be applicable to each kind of business enterprise,company extensively develop and the small batch quantity produce a demand.

(6)Technic parameter

Power supply

AC110V/ 50Hz      AC220V /60Hz

Rated power


Drawer   size

400×600   mm

Temperature Range


Cycle Time

18 min

3Select the wave

(1)The equipments install and adjusts to try.

Place this machine in the well ventilated even on the stage, assure well ventilated fluency of machine, Can't have a combustible product, The drawer outwardly, Reserve the space that the drawer opens, The convenience operate, The machine around request about 20 mm for body heat loss; check the power supply if AC220V or not,If right, put the power calbe to connect the power supply,open the power on button,the LCD will light on the panel and go to main menu page.

Press “F4” button, change to English Menu

In the main menu,Press “F3” button selection different temperature wave:example the wave one:

Press “F3” button again,can see parameter about you choose the temperature wave: soldering paster sort. soldering temperature,time etc. example:

Press “F4” button to return previous page, Press the temperature wave that the”F1” key carries out to make selection automatically, The work shuts down automatically after end,warning buzzer is working.

  In the main menu page,press “ F2”button by handcraft operation

Press “F1” button to start cooling, Press F1/S key again to stop. Press “F2” button to strat heat up, Press F2/S key again to stop.

(2).The wave select.

Press the “S”button selection operation interface after switch on, press the “F4” selections a different language category.

Process to request to set the wave comparison according to you to provide you with the reference.Press the F1/F2 choices different wave, there have 8 kinds of different temperature waves can provide you with the choice, press F3 to look into different wave parameter, press 4 confirm wave.

Wave one, use the same with  85Sn/15Pb    70 Sn/30Pb

Wave two, use the same with  63Sn/37Pb    60 Sn/40Pb

Wave three, use the same with  Sn/Ag3.5; Sn/Cu 75  Sn/Ag4.0/Cu.5

Wave four, use the same with Sn/Ag2.5/Cu.8/Sb.5;  Sn/Bi3.0/Ag3.0

Wave five, use the same with The red gum standard is solid to turn temperature wave,Heraeus PD955M.

Wave six,seven,egiht, use the same with The PCB circuit board returns to fix etc.

Press “s” button to the temperature page,

Press F1/F2 button,ahead/ backwards select different time. Press F3/F4 button ,up/down to select different temperature,Press “s” button to save.

When save finish ,press F4 button to select the temperature wave.Press S button to repetition.

4, Operating instructions

(1) The product that will process lightly puts into the even on the stage in the drawer, Close drawer, Press F1 to switch on, The automatic performance make selection of heat wave, Show current performance time,the enactment temperature and measure temperature on the LCD screen, and the automatic formation order form wave.

(2) Observed the data,wave of the window and the LCD screen manifestation before passing drawer, in the whole supervision that processed all of process and can see at you, if the request for processing wave to could not reach you can modification parameter.

(3) Process the wave is strict to press the different tin syrup different temperature to have pre-established request to the return solder , you can prepare to establish another wave according to the different need.

(4) Process process in, if need stop, can press “S” to carry on to terminate compulsory;After put the last hand, the breeze machine auto carries on cooling to the product;You can also start the breeze machine to carry on cooling compulsory.

(5) After returning solder completion, If the product existence blemish.can solder again, Can also move the start heating to carry on returning to solder. This machine establishes this function.

5operation suggests

(1) The this aircraft for satisfies without the lead double-sided welding, the design has the unique air flue, for the guarantee platelet welding request, suggested when the welding platelet and BGA plant the tin ball, pulls out the base in the material to put in advance one 10x10cm PCB board, may cause the welding quality to be better.The operation suggests

(2) The ambient temperature is low when, the humidity or the humidity too are big, suggested before the welding wants preheating the machine.The operating procedure is: After chooses the welding curve, spatial machine returns automatically welds one time.

(3) The this aircraft cannot weld the counter-optical too strong metal seal chip and the metal screening can; May not weld the withstanding temperature to be lower than 250 degree plastic plug-in units and the goods, asks respectfully the attention!

(4)Customer examination machine temperature method: Uses the standard thermometer, outside will set at the temperature probe head fixedly 10x10cm PCB stiff surface, shuts tight certainly importantly in the PCB board above! Will fix has the temperature measurement probe head PCB board, puts in the material to pull out, thrusts in the machine, like this tests the temperature comparison conforms to the product production actual situation.

6Daily maintenance

(1).Keep the drawer sweep

(2).Periodically sweep the observation bore glass of the drawer, keep it to sweep


(1)After use,Don’t at once close the power,make sure the machine cooling .

(2)assure well ventilated of the machina.

(3)Disconnect the plug when you don’t use the it for a long time.

(4)Don’t open the machine ,take care carefully to use.