Reflow Oven T937M
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Reflow Oven T937M
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a. This oven solder leadfree paste very well.

b. This oven can connect with PC, easy to input/set/transmit/adjust/save/manage wave data.

c. Many kinds wave input style in control software, easy to set wave.

d. The control software is with graphical display, display the wave intuitively. 

e. The control software is with wave printing function, easy to save/manage/analysis the wave data.

f. The control software is with 299 kinds of paste data inside.

g. Adopt stable and high-speed MCU and advanced intelligent temperature measurement technology, 

   temperature in the oven is very stable,exact and even.

h. Add the compensation circuit, make the oven temperature keep stable from different environment.

i. This oven is with hot air fan inside, to make the temperature inside more even.

j. The temperature is room temp to 350C, suit for single/double side PCB board and lead/leadfree    

   paste soldering.

k. Add special exhaust on the back, provide good operation environment.

l. Friendly human-machine operation interface, perfect LCD display, very easy to operate.

m. Good database management function.

n. Thermostatic timer function


drawer area                 350mmX400mm

Soldering size              350mmX400mm

Overall dimension       473mmX466mmX290mm

N. Weight                      20kg

Voltage/Frequency           AC220/50Hz

Power rating                  2300W

Cycle time                  2~16 min

Temp rage               Room temp~350℃