Mini SMT Reflow OvenT961
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Mini SMT Reflow OvenT961
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1. This machine selects IR and hot air heating technology controlling, equipped with special design 

wind wheel, speed stability and uniform temperature, suit for uninterrupted soldering the LED and 

BGA components.

2. This machine is equipped with the crawlerype and six temperature zone heating systems, and 

each temperature zone uses independent PID controlling and up down heating type, can make the inside temperature more accurate and wellproportioned, just take 

about 7 minutes can let it heat up to the working temperature from the room temperature.

3. Intelligent temperature wave heating type, oversized capacity wave selection, have eight temperature 

waves can satisfy various welding technological requirements.

4. Use programmable technology, preset the temperature wave memory storage function, can complete 

the whole welding process automatically according to your presetting wave.

5. Adopt the thermocouple temperature measurement and add the compensation circuit, make the 

temperature measurement more accurate, the wave more perfect.

6. Use PID intelligent temperature control technology; make the temperature control more accurately. 

Adopt the imported large current solid-state relay non-contact output can effectively avoid the IC or circuit board damage due to the rapid or uninterrupted 

warming up, make the whole welding process more scientific safety.

7. Transmission system adopt imported frequency conversion motor, PID closed-loop speed, smooth 

operation, speed adjustable range 0-290mm/min.

8. Adopt independent wheel structure and special stainless steel strut, durable wear-resisting runs smoothly, speed precision can reach ±10mm/min.

9. Independent cooling zone, to ensure the PCB board of low temperature when the required.

10. Friendly human-machine operation interface, perfect LCD display, no need to connect with the PC, 

can watch the whole repairing process very clearly.

11. Ergonomic design, practical and easily operated. Good build quality but at the same time light weight 

and a small footprint allows the T-961 to be easily bench positioned, transported or stored. 


Model                                                                          T-961

The heating zone quantity                                  upper3/down3

The length of the heating zone                                 730mm

The heating type                                             IR and hot air heating

The cooling zone quantity                                              1

Maximum width of PCB board                                  230mm

The operation direction                                            left→right

Delivery options                                           Net + chain transmission 

The speed of conveyer belt                                  0-290mm/min

The power supply                                                  220V  50Hz

Peak power                                                               3.5KW

Heating up time                                                   Around 7mins

Temperature control range                           Room temperature~300℃

Temperature control mode                            PID closed-loop control

Temperature control accuracy                                      ±1℃

PCB temperature distribution deviation                       ±2℃

Overall dimensions                                               1000×466×445mm

Machine weight                                                             70KG