BGA Rework Station T-862
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BGA Rework Station T-862
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Technical Parameter
Work bench size                                                         410x316mm 
Rated voltage and frequency                      AC220V/AC110V   60/50Hz 
Complete machine power                                           1600W 
Preheating plate power                                               1500W 
Preheating plate size                                               280x270mm 
Preheating plate temperature adjustable                0-450

Main Components:
Preheating plate main body                         1 
Temperature sensor                                      1 
PCB board holder                                         1 
Power line                                                      1 
User manual                                                  1

Main component function explanation

  1. Adopt infrared weld technology which independent exploration.    
  2. Use infrared heat,it is easy to cut through,heat proportion piercing tradition weld machine with sirocco.   
  3. Easily operate.Just need one day training.Can operation this machine.   
  4. No need weld tools,it can weld all the component of 15x15-25x25mm.   
  5. This machine has 650W heating system.widely to 80x120mm.   
  6. Infrared heating no have sirocco flow. Don't impact perimeter small component.Can suitable for all of the component,especially Micro BGA component.   
  Working voltage            AC220V 50Hz   
  Output power                 800W   
  Temperature                100

 Operation method


Check the power source,wind the plug.
Turn on the power source.Don’t use until pass check.Pand will display enactment value.When last time used.
Installation the repair shell.Fix the line on the strip rack.Screw the light system height.Keep 20-30mm between light and welder machine.

According to measurement of welder piece.Proprictily screw temperature.from60-350.When you strip 15×15mm piece.Choice temperature 240-300.When you strip 25×25mm piece.Choice temperature 300-350.The temperature come up to 350.The light system will shoot straightly.Please pay more attention to yourself control time.avoid burn out.
Screw focus.The light system smallest diameter is 15mm .the biggest is 30mm.Normally keep 20-30mm.
Turn on the two switches.They control warm-up plate and light system.
2.Dismantle and weld.
Regulate temperature , make the chip focus
After suitable for timing, the tin is clicked and melted, take out the chip.
3.Weld the chip.
Clean the pad.

Coating help solder flux (should not thick too , can have first more thin ) and soldering tin ball.

Wait to help the solder flux to volatilize into the flux, heat and totally melt to the tin ball , place correctly with the clip , aim at the chip to weld into the position.
936 searing-iron.Open the swich and enactment temperature.

   1.After use , imprison power immediately , make sure the light body cooling down,and place it in safety.After turning off the power switch
   2.Keep the blowing way without hindered, the light body is clean.
   3.The support in good time is polished with the oil to lead the post , focus 
   4.Disconnect the plug when you don’t use the it for a long time.
   5.Operate carefully, take care.