BGA Rework Station T-870A
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BGA Rework Station T-870A
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1.Adopt infrared weld technology which independent exploration,

2.Use infrared heat, easy to cut through, heat proportion piercing tradition weld machine with sirocco,

3.Easily operate,  Just need one day training, Can operation this machine,

4.Don't need weld tools,  This machine can weld all the component of 35x35-50x50mm,

5.This machine has 800W heating system, widely to 240x180mm,

6.Infrared heating don't have sirocco flow,  Don't impact perimeter small component, Can suitable for all of the component, especially Micro BGA component,

7.Definitely can satisfy the computer, the notebook, the electricity swims and so on the BGA sealing off/repairs to requestSpecially especially suits to the computer north and south bridge

Technic parameter


Work     floor size


Rated   voltage and frequency

AC220-230v   60/50Hz

Complete   machine power


Infra-red   lamp body power


Preheating   chassis power


Infra-red   lamp body heating   size


Preheating   chassis preheating   size


Infra-red   lamp body temperature   adjustable


Preheating   chassis temperature   adjustable



Instrument inventory

  Welding     table main body


  Infra-red     lamp body


  Temperature     sensor


 Board     support of the circuit


  Power     line


  user's     manualCompact disc



1. Inspect the machine and then open it

(1) Check if the connection wire of the lamp body, the Temp-sensor and power cable is ok,

(2) Turn on the power switch, Allow the T-870A Power-On-Self-Test (POST) to complete,  After this, Temperature set-points will display last value used,

(3) The front panel has two switches, controls the preheating dish and the infra-red lamp body separately;

2. PCB Component Removal and Replacement

(1) Placed the PCB Board

Put the PCB board on the “PCB board holder”, rotate the “holder fasten nut”, fasten it,   Move the “PCB board holder” to choose the right position,

(2) The Process of unsoldering and repairing

Adjust the position of the PCB board, make the chip at the centre of the lamp light,  Adjust the height of the lamp body, keep the lamp 20-30mm from the chip,

Put the temp-sensor at the edge of the chip, lay a bed of solder flux around the chip and on the temp-sensor, it will make the measured temperature more accurately, at the same time the solder flux will make the soldering chip more perfect, and keep the bonding pad away from conglutinating and having tin wool,

According to the producing technological requirement or the size of PCB board, adjust the pre-heat dish temperature(adjustable 60-200),

When there is waterproof solid sealing compound on the chip, please open the pre-heat dish to pulverize the solid sealing compound first, then clean it up,  You may adopt other method as sol/hydrosol,  When you adopt the method we supplied, you had better choose the temperature between 100 and 140according to the producing technological requirement or the size of PCB board, control the pre-heat time 3-5 minutes(the temperature will be steady) or longer,

Otherwise if the chip is without waterproof solid sealing compound or the PCB board is small, then it won’t transmutation, we needn’t open the pre-heat dish

According to the producing technological requirement or the size of chip, choose the suitable temperature of the IR-lamp,

Usually, when the chip size is less than 20*20mm, we adjust the IR-lamp temperature 220-240, and if the chip is without waterproof solid sealing compound or the PCB board is small, then it won’t transmutation, we needn’t open the pre-heat dish,  Otherwise, we should adjust the pre-heat temperature to 100-120,

When the chip is larger than 30*30mm,we should adjust the pre-heat temperature to 120-140 first, wait 3-5minutes and the temperature will be steady,  Then adjust  the IR-lamp temperature to 240-260, we will complete the unsoldering and repairing process conveniently,  Attention: At the time, the light is strong, the temperature rises quickly, we should pay our attention on controlling, avoid the Temp-sensor displacement, reflect on the temperature measuring,  We should also pay our attention on time controlling, avoid burning out the chip,

When achieving the set-up lamp temperature, Once the solder liquefied and melted, use tweezers to remove the chip,

 3, the Process of Soldering a chip

It is generally the same as the “(2) Process of unsoldering and repairing”, but you should do as follows:

Clean the target pad with the brush

Then put the solder ball and a flat of solder flux and the chip on the target pad

 Turn on the switch of the pre-heat dish, and set-up the temperature

Turn on the switch of the IR-Lamp, Regulate the temperature (the temperature must be warm enough to liquefied the solder), focus the Infrared light on the chip to be solder

 Wait to allow the Infrared lamp to heat the solder flux to work as the solder balls on the target chip pad reaches liquid temperature,  Use tweezers or a vacuum device to place the chip target position,  Once the solder liquefies, the chip will be sold automatically,

After cooling the chip, pick up the PCB board, check if it is ok, If not, re-operate,


About the components without plumber, you should add 20-30,

4, The Process of soldering kinds of Plug (as: GAP platoon expansion slot plug of the computer motherboard)

Usually we cover the hardware and the PCB board (which won’t be maintained) with the aluminum-foil paper, Then put the PCB board on the holder, fasten it,  Turn on the Pre-heater dish and adjust the temperature at 160-180, Put the Temp-sensor at the side of the part which is being unsoldering, and it will up to the temperature in 3-5minutes,  Then you can unsoldering the parts,

In special circumstances, you can open the IR-Lamp to heating the part, and it will be unsoldering quickly,


About the components without plumber, you should add 20-30,

About the PCB board with components on its both side, please set-up the pre-heat temperature lower, and then use the IR-Lamp to heat,

5. Cooling the machine

Turn off the switch of the pre-heat dish and the IR-lamp,

Once the machine is cooling enough, cut off the power cable,

6 Attention

When you maintain some large chip of the PCB board such as the mother board of the computer, you must pre-heat and dry the whole board first, then you can avoid the transmuting of the PCB board and soldering joint and rake angle of the chip,

All the plastic plug-in board must be covered with aluminum-foil paper, to avoid transmutation or destroying,

The PCB board which had been maintained, after cooling, clean it, and do the test when it is dry,  If it is not ok, re-soldering it,

Around working, when the PCB board is not on the holder, please do not long time open the IR-lamp, do not shoot the light on the strong glisten objects,  Otherwise it will reduce its using time,

About the chips which is encapsulation simply, please pre-stick aluminum-foil paper on the center of the chip, to avoid burning out the slice of silicon,

The measurement of the aluminum-foil paper had better a little larger than the slice of silicon, but not too large, Otherwise, it will do effect on the soldering,