Celebrate the 5th anniversary of company establishment

Struggle for 5 years, develop for 5 years,5 years of harvest, stepping on the basis of 5 years to consolidate foundation, our company ushered in a new development opportunity.
2008 is the year of harvest, based on the consolidation of existing markets, expanding foreign markets, the success of the opening of the United States, Europe, South America and other high-end market; 40 million investment in early formation of the Institute, completed a number of Product development and prototype trial, the product involves a number of varieties of industries, will strongly promote the company's rapid development

  Investment of more than 160 million successful production of precision sheet metal workshop, when the investment produces benefits that year, not only to meet the needs of current development, also laid the foundation for future development; good piece, we in the development ....... .

I wish the company great progress every year, every year of great development!